Automatic Vacuum Tumbler

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Automatic Vacuum Tumbler - 150L Vacuum Tumbler
  • Automatic Vacuum Tumbler - 150L Vacuum Tumbler
  • 300L
  • Over 500L

Automatic Vacuum Tumbler


Vacuum Massaging Machine, Meat Marinating Machine

DH905 Vacuum Tumbler is used to prickle and roll meat to improve meat products taste. It can shorten the prickling time and make meat juicier with pleasantly chewy taste.

By vacuum processing, this Vacuum Tumbler can improve meat texture and make meat gain more than 20% weight. The whole machine is made by high quality 304 stainless steel, fulfilling safety and sanitary standards. This Vacuum Tumbler has digital control panel which provides precise time control. It can be temporarily stopped for confirming product's texture and provide more flexible production process.


1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel.
2. The motor speed is adjustable.
3. The rotation direction can be both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
4. The processing time can be controlled by timer.
5. Vacuum function can be off.
6. The machine has special designed discharge function.

CapacitySizeMotorVacuum Pump
150 (Side Lid)L1100*W850*H1780 m/m(Height with panel)1/2HP1HP
300L(Side Lid)L1310*W1010*H1780 m/m(Height with panel)1/2HP1HP
500LL910*W1500*H1500 m/m1HP1HP
1000LL1070*W2000*H1650 m/m2HP2HP
2000LL1320*W2200*H1900 m/m5HP3HP
3000LL1520*W2400*H2000 m/m7.5HP4HP

Function: tenderized meat and improve product quality.
Applied in pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, seafood, bacon, cured meat, ham, patties, rib, wings, drumsticks, chicken thigh and so on.


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