Ding-Han specialize in manufacturing food processing equipment. We design, engineer and build the machinery that creates and packages prepared meats, vegetables and seafood, french fries, baked and fried snacks, and other quality foods.


Professional Team

CEO Handa Wu
Comprehensive Technical Knowledge Wins Admiration and Trust of Customers

Ding-Han’s founder Mr.Wu has solid mechanical engineering background with 35 years of experiences in food processing equipment industry. Providing solutions to customers is his lifetime passion. Carrying his innovation spirit, Ding-Han keeps making breakthroughs and providing state of the art products to the market.

“Innovation is the best way of risk management”

Sales Department

Ding-Han’s sales service starts with comprehensive understanding of customers’ product (the texture of raw material…), producing flow (to see how to connect), production size (capacity, output) and available space, etc. We use our experiences and professional knowledge to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our persistence on machine’s quality and sense of responsibility stand the test of time.

R&D and Manufacturing Department

Ding-Han has a complete R&D and manufacturing team which can provide comprehensive design and planning for your production lines. We challenge the impossibility in the food equipment industry and find the best way for customers to solve the problems such as manpower and working space shortage. We keep thriving upon challenge and accomplishment. In response to the rapid change of food industry, Ding-Han continues to develop and design multiple kinds of machines. We are committed to solve the difficulties of customers' manual processes, shorten production hours, improve producing steps, increase output of capacity and standardize production flows.


Ding-Han Profile

Food Processing Equipment | Stand Alone and Production Lines Supplier - Ding-Han

Ding-Han Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known food processing equipment suppliers in Taiwan, since 1996.

Regardless of meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, bread making equipment or commercial deep fryer, every commercial kitchen equipment designed by Ding-Han is to meet your requirement of high productivity, and low cost.

Ding-Han has been offering customers food processing machinery, stand alone and production line, with advanced technology. Contact Now to get the best deal!