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About Ding-Han Machinery


DING-HAN Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1996. We are professional manufacturer for food-processing equipment. At first, we mainly produced processing machines for fishery products (production line creation for tempura, fish meat balls or fish cakes, etc.). In recent years, in order to adapting rapid change and the diversity of food market, we extended our specialties into equipment design and production line planning for meat, vegetarian products, freezing products, snack foods, and other seasoning foods. For example: forming, boiling/blanching, drying, cooling, coating, battering and crumbing machines, various vegetable cutters, meat processing machines, fryers, customized special equipment and production line creation. Our high quality machines have been sold worldwide including United States, Canada, South America, Australia, China, and Southeastern Asia. We base in Taiwan and provide our services all over the world.

Top Quality|Innovation Spirit|Constantly Service

Customer first, professional manufacturing, innovation design are our spirits. We provide solutions to help our customers overcoming production difficulties. We helped many of our customers transformed from small scale manually production to large scale automatic production food plants. DING-HAN keeps working on improving our machines quality and always having design breakthroughs. We got several international certificates and technical patents. We attend to international exhibitions every year to obtain new knowledge and get more understanding of our customers' needs. Our outstanding after sales, repairing and maintenance services have earned us reputation as an expert in this industry. We strongly believe that sale is the beginning of service, we are always here for our valued customers.


Ding-Han Profile

Rotator-Type Crumb Coating Machine Hot

Rotator-Type Crumb Coating Machine

Rotator-Type crumb coating machine has special coating technic. It can be used with powders which are easy to become oily or scattered because of squeezing without breaking the powder's texture. Moreover,...

Large Type Patty Forming Machine Hot

Large Type Patty Forming Machine

This patty forming machine is suitable for all kinds of fish, meat and soy protein pastes. It can make pastes into all shapes of patties. The mold shape can be customized.

Submerged-Pipe Frying Machine Hot

Submerged-Pipe Frying Machine

Submerged-Pipe Frying Machine has oil filtration system to scrap oil residues and has automatic frying temperature and speed control system. It is applicable to all kinds of frying products. With elevation...