Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.



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  • Processing Machines for Seafood & Meat - Processing Machines for Seafood & Meat
    Processing Machines for Seafood & Meat
    Seafood & Meat Processing Machines

    Processing machines for Chicken Nugget: meat grinding → mixing → forming → batter coating → crumb coating → frying → de-oiling → cooling Processing machines for Burger Patty: meat grinding → mixing → forming → roasting Processing machines for Schnitzel(meat cutlet): cutlet → pre-dusting → egg coating → crumb covering → frying → de-oiling Processing machines for Sausage: meat grinding → mixing & seasoning → filling → drying Processing machines for (Fish) Meatball: meat grinding → stirring & mixing → ball shaping → cooking → cooling Processing machines for Fish cake: meat grinding → stirring & mixing → forming → frying → de-oiling → cooling Processing machines for Meat Floss:

  • Processing Vegetable & Veggie Food
    Processing Vegetable & Veggie Food

    veggie burger, veggie chicken nuggets, veggie fish cakes, tofu, tofu skin...etc.

  • Hot‐pot Food
    Hot‐pot Food

    meat balls, Kofta, Tempura, Japanese Tempura...etc.

  • Fried Food
    Fried Food

    hash brown, croquette, French fries, burger patty, Tonkatsu, pork chop, fish cakes, chicken nuggets, fried shrimp cake, prawn cutlet, chicken fillet, crispy chicken-fillet/ chicken drum, chicken pop corn, potato chips, yam cakes, cashew nuts, pork chop, Fried bread stick...etc.

  • Dried/Roast Food
    Dried/Roast Food

    dried meat, jerky, ham, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, rosemary, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder...etc.

  • Sauce & Seasoning
    Sauce & Seasoning

    Kimchi, Korean radish, mayonnaise, miso, basil sauce, corn paste, chili sauce, fried shallots, shredder pizza cheese...etc.

  • Snacks & Ethnic Food
    Snacks & Ethnic Food

    fish cakes, rice noodles, Thailand shrimp cakes, moon cakes, sandwich biscuit, snack bar(chocolate bar with almond), rice burger, taro balls, doughnut, pearl tapioca, seaweed with almond, pork floss, popcorns, sticky rice balls( Mochi), salad, glutinous rice balls(bilo bilo),pasta, Indonesian Banana Fritters (Gedang goreng), sausage, salami, hot dog, Pork intestine thin noodles, Pork thick soup, Stinky tofu, Taiwanese meat ball, fried noodles(chow mein), fried rice, glutinous oil rice, sandwiches...etc.

  • Various Drink
    Various Drink

    various fruit smoothie, black fungus, soy milk, rice pulp, ginger tea, mung bean soup, taro soup, rice noodle soup, various suace(e.g. chilli sauce, basil sauce, pomelo jam, healty drink(e.g. lobster shells)...etc.

  • Others

    carbon granules pet food -various flavor. e.g. chicken bar / cheese bar/ salmon bar -various shape. e.g. bone/ heart shape/ dog palm/ chicken nuggets

Result 1 - 9 of 9

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