Ding-Han's Advantages

Ding-Han's Advantages


Competitive-Advantages of Ding-Han Machinery

Innovative customized design

Ding-Han Machinery has 30 years of food processing machines research and development experiences. We provide global services to customers in various fields. Ding-Han is professional at customizing new equipment according to customer’s product’s characteristics. We helped our customers getting manufacturing breakthroughs and accommodate to rapid changes of worldwide food market.

Professional manufacturer

Ding-Han’s whole products are made in Taiwan. We uses enterprise resource planning systems to manage the material and customers’ orders. Ding-Han has worldwide certificated high production and servicing quality. The whole plant follows projects management and the manufacturing process is strictly controlled by professional quality engineers. Ding-Han promises our customers on time delivery with top quality.

Comprehensive after sales services

Ding-Han provides on time professional after sales services. We are always on line to serve our customers with most efficient trouble shooting and repairing solutions.


Ding-Han Profile

Food Processing Equipment | Stand Alone and Production Lines Supplier - Ding-Han

Ding-Han Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known food processing equipment suppliers in Taiwan, since 1996.

Regardless of meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, bread making equipment or commercial deep fryer, every commercial kitchen equipment designed by Ding-Han is to meet your requirement of high productivity, and low cost.

Ding-Han has been offering customers food processing machinery, stand alone and production line, with advanced technology. Contact Now to get the best deal!