Processing Machines for Various Drink

Ding-Han specialize in manufacturing food processing equipment. We design, engineer and build the machinery that creates and packages prepared meats, vegetables and seafood, french fries, baked and fried snacks, and other quality foods.

Processing Machines for Various Drink

Dried/Roast Food Processing Machines

various fruit smoothie, black fungus, soy milk, rice pulp, ginger tea, mung bean soup, taro soup, rice noodle soup, various suace(e.g. chilli sauce, basil sauce, pomelo jam, healty drink(e.g. lobster shells)...etc.


industrial blender, ginger cutter, jelly dicing machine, rice rinser, beans rinser, peeler, rice noodle forming machine, batch type boiling machine, blancher

Related Product
  • Industrial Blender - 8L Industrial Blender
    Industrial Blender

    Suitable for making every kind of juice, smoothie, seasoning, sauce, paste, etc.

  • Electric Ginger Slicer - Ginger Slicer
    Electric Ginger Slicer

    Suitable for cutting ginger, shallot, garlic, into slice with beatiful shape.

  • Electric Ginger Cutter - Ginger Slicer and Shredder
    Electric Ginger Cutter

    Suitable for cutting ginger into shred or slice with beatiful shape.

  • Electric Rice Washing Machine - Rice Rinser(water-saving)
    Electric Rice Washing Machine

    It is suitable for restaurant and central kitchen or which needs to wash great deal of rice.

  • Electric Rootstalk Peeler - Rootstalk Peeler(with customized footage)
    Electric Rootstalk Peeler

    Specialized in peeling vegetable roots, applied to peel taros, sweet potato, raddish, potato, carrot and so on.

  • Rice Noodle Forming Machine - Rice Noodle Forming Machine
    Rice Noodle Forming Machine

    A professional thick rice noodle extruding machine. The thickness and length of noodle and the production rate can be customized. We can also provide related equipment for boiling, cooling, de-watering, etc.

  • Batch-Type Boiling Machine / Blancher - Batch Boiling Cooking Machine/Blancher
    Batch-Type Boiling Machine / Blancher

    It is a batch-type food processing machinery to boil/blanch/precook fish, meat, vegetarian food, vegetable, etc . Suitable for food industry with high quality.

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