[Holiday Notice] 2024 Tomb Sweeping Day

Ding-Han specialize in manufacturing food processing equipment. We design, engineer and build the machinery that creates and packages prepared meats, vegetables and seafood, french fries, baked and fried snacks, and other quality foods.

[Holiday Notice] 2024 Tomb Sweeping Day

We’ll have 4 days off for Tomb Sweeping Day from Apr.4th to Apr.7th, and we'll resume to work on Monday, Apr.8th.

01 Apr, 2024 Ding-Han Machinery Co., Ltd.

If you have any inquiry or machine order, please let us know before April.3rd. During the holidays, please leave your message by the email or inquiry on our website. We'll reply to you as soon as possible when we get back. Thank you!

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Ding-Han [Holiday Notice] 2024 Tomb Sweeping Day Introduction

Ding-Han Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in food machine, food processing equipment, food processing machine and food manufacturing equipment market. Ding-Han has been offering our customers high quality meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, food forming machine, breading machine, frying machine, boiling machine, blancher, food processing machine since 1996. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Ding-Han always make sure to meet each customer's demand.