Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.

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  • Vacuum Tumbler
    Vacuum Tumbler

    Directed against meat products in carry out marinating tumbling and kneading, and improve meat quality, so the meat is tenderized with distinctive result. Fast marinating time, avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional marinating, and then raise production efficiency with improvement in product quality.

  • Tabletop Tenderizer Machine and Tendon Breaker
    Tabletop Tenderizer Machine and Tendon Breaker

    Suitable for every kind of meat break its tendon, be tenderized and roller, processed-meat will become bigger and easy to seasoning.

  • Continuous Chop Tenderizer(Conveyor-type)
    Continuous Chop Tenderizer(Conveyor-type)

    No matter meat or meat with bone can be flattened without crushing the meat.

  • Continuous Tendon-Breaker(Conveyor-type)
    Continuous Tendon-Breaker(Conveyor-type)

    Suitable for breaking meat tendon. The products can keep shape when frying.

  • Meat Bandsaw
    Meat Bandsaw

    Suitable for cutting frozen meat or fish with bones.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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