Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.

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  • Warm Meat Slicing Machine
    Warm Meat Slicing Machine

    It is suitable for cutting pork, beef, squid, etc into shreds, slices, strips or dices.

  • Vegetable Cutter (double function)
    Vegetable Cutter (double function)

    Function: Slice, Section and Dice. Special for cutting leaf vegetable and rootstalk vegetable in the meantime, fast processing time to avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional cutting, and then raise production efficiency with improvement in product quality.

  • Multi Function Cutter - Intestine Cutter
    Multi Function Cutter - Intestine Cutter

    Customized machine, suitable for cutting meat or soft food into cubes and shreds.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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