Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.

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  • Submerged-Type Frying Machine
    Submerged-Type Frying Machine

    Hold down belt type fryer; suitable for the food which would float on edible oil, such as chicken wings, hash brown, seaweed, cookies, refreshments, etc. Applied to form puffed food.

  • Submerged-Type Frying Machine with Special Lifting System
    Submerged-Type Frying Machine with Special Lifting System

    New elevating system, it saves space and is suitable to be applied in catering service, central kitchen, buffet or restaurant for various foods and the other food production lines like fish, meat, vegetarian food, seaweed, fried fish crackers, chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, shrimps, snacks, refreshments or other kinds of ethnic food making machines.

  • Electric-Heating Frying Machine
    Electric-Heating Frying Machine

    Ding-Han DH509 Continuous Electric Fryer, refers to the frying machine for the sustainable production of electric heating & conveyor belt transmission.

  • Far-Infrared Heating Fryer
    Far-Infrared Heating Fryer

    Far-infrared heating type is suitable for frying food with super high quality.

Result 1 - 4 of 4

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