Vertical-Type Oil Fryer (common-heating-pipe)

Electric Heat Fryer

Electric Heat Fryer

The fryer’s size, fuel, and specification are customized design in accordance with your purpose, processing and product’s features.

Patty Forming Machine

Patty Forming Machine

Suit for forming meat, chicken, fish, TVP, and pet food into patties. Mold shape can be customized. Changing mold can make various products.


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Ding-Han Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known food processing equipment suppliers in Taiwan, since 1996.

Regardless of Vertical-Type Oil Fryer (common-heating-pipe), meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, bread making equipment or commercial deep fryer, every commercial kitchen equipment designed by Ding-Han is to meet your requirement of high productivity, and low cost.

Ding-Han has been offering customers food processing machinery, stand alone and production line, with advanced technology. Contact Now to get the best deal!

Vertical-Type Oil Fryer (common-heating-pipe)


Gas deep fryer, Upstanding-Type Gas Frying Equipment, Fried Chicken Deep Fryer

Grounding-Type Oil Fryer
Grounding-Type Oil Fryer

It is suitable for restaurant, food stall, street vendor, food stand, roadside stands which serve food, fried chicken, etc.

It is suitable for fried chicken stands, food stand or small restaurant, etc. Accessories with oil drip pan*1, spoon*1, oil filter net*1, oil storage*1, all of our accessories can be purchase and replace. If the fryer installed indoor or produces big smoke, there is a range hood can purchase as well. Please kindly inform that the fuel you want gas or natural gas. The oil temperature can be adjusted. We have filter for your reference, it can prolong oil life. All of our machine have one-limited year warranty.


1. Come with pan*1, spoon*1, oil filter net*1, oil storage*1.
2. The oil filter net can be additional purchase.
3. Range hood can purchase additionally.
4. Fuel can choose nature gas.
5. Oil temperature can be adjusted.
6. Heating Pipe can purchase additionally.
7. Made in Taiwan, your best choice.
8. There is a oil filter can be installed additionally for you further choice, it can filter oil dregs and prolong the oil life.


  • 30L
  • Size: L450* W600* H970 m/m
  • Inner size: D60*L41 m/m
  • Net Weight: 42kgs
  • 40L
  • Size: L550* W600* H970 m/m
  • Net Weight: 48kgs


Fried chicken/pork/lamb/fish, chicken wings, drumstick, chicken nuggets, hash brown, dried laver, dried seaweeds, hot pot materials, shrimps food, french fries, potato chips, ham, hot dog, vegetarian food, etc.

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