Industrial Mayonnaise Stirring Machine

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Industrial Mayonnaise Stirring Machine


Mayonnaise Emulsifying Machine, Mayonnaise Mixer

Mayonnaise Stirring Machine
Mayonnaise Stirring Machine

The fastest rotary speed in all of stirring machine, so it is a professional machine for making mayonnaise.

Beautiful shape hopper and stir are made of stainless steels, sanitary and can be cleaned easily. There are lots of model of stirring machine to meet different needs. This machine as the fast rotary speed in all of stirring machine, so that it is used to make mayonnaise. Stir can clockwise or anticlockwise and be lifted by motor, the speed can be adjusted, comes with timer can set the stir time and Ammeter to confirm whether the paste has become soft or not.


I. The whole machine is made of cast iron.
II. The hopper and the stir is made of stainless steel.
III. It has speed regulator to adjust the stirring speed.
IV. It has ampere meter to see degree of paste.
V. The timer can set stirring time.
VI. The direction of stir can be clockwise or anti-clockwise.
VII. The stir can be elevated by motor.
VIII. This is special for mayonnaise making. It includes the salad oil tank and egg entrance for making mayonnaise.


  • Power- Stir 10HP, Inverter 15 HP, Hydraulic
  • motor 1HP
  • Size- L1450*W1000*H1720 mm
  • Production- 90kg/batch
  • Net Weight- 850kg


Salad sauce, cream, mayonnaise

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