Sales Service

Ding-Han specialize in manufacturing food processing equipment. We design, engineer and build the machinery that creates and packages prepared meats, vegetables and seafood, french fries, baked and fried snacks, and other quality foods.

Sales Service

Integrity Sales Service

Ding-Han provides integrity sales service.
Ding-Han provides integrity sales service.

【Instant inquiry system】
When receiving customers’ inquiry, Ding-Han will immediately reply in details to provide service without delay.

【Tailor-made machines】
To meet customers’ requirements & unique workflow, Ding-Han will further confirm with customers about product details, so as to provide the right machines to meet production needs.

【Specialized manufacturing】
After receiving the order, Ding-Han’s engineers start with mechanical drawing (CAD) according to the requirement, then technicians fabricate the machines by the design flow.

【Strict quality-control】
Ding-Han’s quality inspector, in order to ensure the quality of the machine when customers receiving it, controls the quality of operations during the building process.
Before shipment, our machine inspector makes the function test and records the details of inspection, to facilitate follow-up after-sales service.

【Technical Training】
Ding-Han provides machine test and operate instruction service, instantly answers customers’ technical questions. This will allow customers to shorten the break-in period with the machine, then quickly get started to create the most profit in the shortest time.

【Package & Shipment】
Before the machine leaves the factory, Ding-Han makes firm wooden package with heat treatment certificate to protect the machine, delivering according to the standard of the destination country, to avoid collision damage during the transportation.

【Quality after-sales service】
Ding-Han provides convenient service support, promptly and effectively assisting in troubleshooting to solve machine problems.
Ding-Han has a highly specialized team to serve customers all over the world, to ensure customers' satisfaction during the production process.

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