Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.

Sauce & Seasoning

Kimchi, Korean radish, mayonnaise, miso, basil sauce, corn paste, chili sauce, fried shallots, shredder pizza cheese...etc.


batch-type frying machine, vegetable cutter(especially for ginger and shallots), vegetable crusher, blender, double function vegetable cutter, hydro-extractor, cheese shredder, stir-fry machine, tank agitator mixer for mayonnaise.

Related Product
  • Batch-Type Frying Machine - Batch-Type Frying Machine(Submerged Type)
    Batch-Type Frying Machine

    Suitable for well-chopped green onion, shallot, special for big production food manufacturer.

  • Vegetable Slicer - Ginger Slicer
    Vegetable Slicer

    Suitable for cutting ginger, shallot, garlic, into slice with beatiful shape.

  • Vegetable Cutter (double function) - Double Function
    Vegetable Cutter (double function)

    Function: Slice, Section and Dice. Special for cutting leaf vegetable and rootstalk vegetable in the meantime, fast processing time to avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional cutting, and then raise production efficiency with improvement in product quality.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Vegetable Cutter
    Vegetable Cutter

    Upstanding type, special in cutting leaf vegetable. It is suitable for cutting green onion, cabbage, chives, lettuce, spinach, onion, cheese, lemongrass, celery, chilli, etc into shred or crush.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Vegetable Cutter
    Vegetable Cutter

    Upstanding-Type leaf vegetable cutter, has wider converyor so that is suitable to process huge production. Special in cutting leaf vegetable, such as green onions, leek, chives, cabbage, spinach, chees, lemongrass into shred, crush. The knives are made of 440 SUS, can cut grazing.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Parallel-Type Cutter
    Vegetable Cutter

    Harizontal cutter, suitable for cutting rootstalk vegetable into slice or dice.

  • Vegetable Cutter / Rhizome Cutter - Vegetable Cutter
    Vegetable Cutter / Rhizome Cutter

    Special in cutting rootstalk vegetables such as potato, carrot, etc. There are different size of knife for choice, comes with big cubes/ single-knife, small cubes/dual-knifes, knife for shred, etc. Inform us the production you expect and what kind of vegetable, we will advise you the suitable knife for you.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Big-Type
    Vegetable Cutter

    Not only smash chilli into pieces or bits but crush garlic, ginger, potato, spinach, onion, lotus root into pulpy as well. The quantity of knife can be adjusted as required. It is suitable for restaurant.

  • Industrial Blender - 8L Industrial Blender
    Industrial Blender

    Suitable for making every kind of juice, smoothie, seasoning, sauce, paste, etc.

  • Meat Mixer - 60KG Mixer
    Meat Mixer

    Not only liquid but solid also can be mixed. Applied to mix food, chicken, sausage, ham, glutious oil rice, meat, rice cake, seasoning or chemical, etc.

  • Mayonnaise Making Machine - Stirring Machine
    Mayonnaise Making Machine

    The fastest rotary speed in all of stirring machine, so it is a professional machine for making mayonnaise.

  • Hydro-Extractor - De-oil and dehydrate

    Spin the oil or water out by centrifugal way.

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