Designing & manufacturing of food production solution for meat and vegetables processing.


carbon granules
pet food
-various flavor. e.g. chicken bar / cheese bar/ salmon bar
-various shape. e.g. bone/ heart shape/ dog palm/ chicken nuggets


Pet food forming machine, heat cabinet dryer, ...etc.

Related Product
  • Meat Grinder - Meat Mincer
    Meat Grinder

    Whole machine is made of stainless steels, sanitary and can be cleaned easily. There are two model for choice, depend on the production you expect. Applied in every kind of meat, stuffings, forage, feeding, etc and production line.

  • Tabletop Meat Grinder - Tabletop meat mincer, there are differenct HP for your choice.
    Tabletop Meat Grinder

    Tabletop type, save space and cost.

  • Patty Forming Machine (Large-type) - Food Forming Machine
    Patty Forming Machine (Large-type)

    Ding-Han’s DH806-2 is a professional food forming machine with patent. Big model, suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies, e.g. meat, fish, potato, vegetable, TVP. DH806-2 uses feeding spiral to gently press mixture into a variety of shapes and sizes, e.g. burger patty, nuggets, hush brown, fish cake, vegan-meat, pet food… etc. Assisted by the drum scraper, the formed product is then smoothly ejected onto a conveyor or additional processing. DH806-2 is the industry standard for high volume food producers. Compare to DH806-1, DH806-2 has bigger machine size and production capacity, and DH806-2 is capable for bigger size products.

  • Batch-Type Single Door Dryer - Batch-Type Drier
    Batch-Type Single Door Dryer

    Single door dryer suitable for drying meat, sausage, Chinese sausage, ham, seafood products, etc., removing water content for packag and preservation.

  • Bowl Cutter - Bowl Cutter
    Bowl Cutter

    Suitable for mixture minced meat, minced fish and ham with seasoning, as a professional fish meat ball production line food processing machinery. It can produce ham, hot dog, vienna sausage, chicken nuggets, fish products, as vegetarian ham production equipment, vegetarian processing equipment and so on.

  • Vacuum Tumbler - 150L
    Vacuum Tumbler

    Directed against meat products in carry out marinating tumbling and kneading, and improve meat quality, so the meat is tenderized with distinctive result. Fast marinating time, avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional marinating, and then raise production efficiency with improvement in product quality.

  • Warm Meat Slicing Machine - Warm Meat Slicing Machine
    Warm Meat Slicing Machine

    It is suitable for cutting pork, beef, squid, etc into shreds, slices, strips or dices.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Parallel-Type Cutter
    Vegetable Cutter

    Harizontal cutter, suitable for cutting rootstalk vegetable into slice or dice.

  • Vegetable Cutter - Big-Type
    Vegetable Cutter

    Not only smash chilli into pieces or bits but crush garlic, ginger, potato, spinach, onion, lotus root into pulpy as well. The quantity of knife can be adjusted as required. It is suitable for restaurant.

  • Ribbon blender - 60KG Powder Mixer
    Ribbon blender

    Suitable for mixing every kind of powder.

  • Encrusting Machine - Encrusting Machine
    Encrusting Machine

    Suitable for making meat ball and fish meat ball with stuffing inside.

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